1. Industrial Air Conditioning

At MonroyHVAC., our experienced teams bring expertise and value to every client engagement. 
MonroyHVAC is prepared to help you with any refrigeration project including controlled atmosphere storage, blast freezing, process cooling, make-up air units, and energy solutions. We execute all facets of a project in-house including engineering, field installation, thermal insulation, commissioning, and process safety management. Our overall mission is to provide superior construction, maintenance, repair, manufacturing and engineered solutions to our customers.
You can count on MonroyHVAC not only for our Expertise in construction, but as your single-source provider for…
  • Construction, service, repair, and renovation
  • Engineered design/ build solutions
  • Plan and specifications projects
  • Comprehensive process safety management
  • Rare and obsolete parts locator
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • IMP enclosures, insulated/high-speed doors, and under-floor insulation
  • Vigorous safety programs
  • In-house fabrication capabilities
  • Self-perform pipe and vessel insulation
  • Select Frick Factor representative
For more information about our industrial refrigeration repair program or to speak to someone about all of our services, please call us at (201) 310-4956 to schedule a Free Estimate for our Scheduled Maintenance Program.

2. Industrial Heating

Our trained technicians carry a complete inventory of industrial heating parts and diagnostic equipment on their vans, enabling them to make repairs quickly and efficiently allowing us to help minimize equipment down time. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We believe in providing our customers with the best service possible including fair and competitive pricing, top quality durable energy saving equipment, expertly trained honest and courteous employees, 24-hour emergency service, high standards of excellence, superior customer satisfaction, fast response time, fully stocked trucks, and repairs that are done right the first time.
Our maintenance programs keep your equipment running at peak performance by routinely inspecting on and adjusting all controls to factory recommended settings. 
Schedule service with us, and we’ll take it from there.
3. Industrial Air Conditioning and Heating
All of our HVAC Service Team Members are trained industrial HVAC technicians. We employ only the best HVAC technicians with years of industrial HVAC systems experience and training and we will never send an apprentice technician to practice on your facility. We take pride in providing fast and direct service to new and existing clients. We answer all calls in person – no voice mail, no waiting for a return call. 
For more information about our industrial air conditioning and heating or to speak to someone about all of our services, please call us at (201) 310-4956 to schedule a Free Estimate for our Scheduled Maintenance Program. We invite you to get to know us.
4. Industrial Refrigeration
MonroyHVAC provides a wide range of products and services relating to industrial Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning including Centrifugal Chillers or chilled water systems, Cooling Towers, rooftop and curbside package units, Central Air Conditioning, Air handlers, Split Systems, Heat Pumps, Oil and Gas Fired Furnaces, Industrial Preventative Maintenance Agreements, Retrofitting, New Construction Design, Cleaning, L.P. Boilers, Oil and Gas Fired Boilers, Cooling Towers, Compressors, Control Devices, Industrial Ice Makers, Industrial Refrigeration, Ductwork, Ventilation, Thermostats, Packaged units, Air cleaners & filters, Maintenance, and many more.
MonroyHVAC's Refrigeration technicians are capable of installing, maintaining and servicing motors, compressors, condensing units, evaporators, piping, and various other components.
Preventative Maintenance - For industrial companies that rely on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products, MonroyHVAC provides a comprehensive list of equipment and services that will allow you to keep your system running with fewer breakdowns and will help you spend less on repairs and energy costs and minimize lost revenue. We can also provide preventative maintenance to your industrial heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration units to help prevent unexpected and sometimes costly repairs.
5. Industrial Air Quality
Indoor air quality is one concern that homeowners have when they decide to investigate air duct cleaning. In a typical six-room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually through everyday living. Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home. The system taken air in and breathes air out.
Through normal occupation in a home, we generate a great deal of contaminants and air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated 5 to 7 times per day, on average. Over time, this re-circulation causes a build-up of contaminants in the duct work.
While dirty ducts don’t necessarily mean unhealthy air in your home, school or workplace, they may be contributing to larger health issues or harboring contaminants that could cause serious problems for people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or some environmental allergies.
Dirty ducts can eventually lead to damage to the ducts themselves from destructive debris that can form inside and weaken the ductwork material. This will result in leaks and gaps, which will require professional repair work to seal.
We install and Service Industrial Air Purifiers
A industrial air purifier can help to clean up the air in your industrial space. Such equipment must be professionally installed and serviced, though. We’ll see to it that this is the case.
We install and Service Industrial Humidifiers
Don’t let very dry air compromise the air quality in your home. Schedule service with our team instead. We’ll find the right industrial humidifier for you.
We install and Service Industrial Dehumidifiers
Is the air in your industrial property too damp? We can help by installing a great industrial dehumidifier. Call MonroyHVAC for all of your industrial indoor air quality services in Bergen County, New Jersey.
6. Industrial Duct Cleaning
When done correctly, HVAC cleaning is a very beneficial service for your industrial property when you select a qualified contractor to ensure that total system cleaning is performed.
The National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association offers a rule of thumb for consumers . . . “if your ducts look dirty, they probably are,” and that dirty HVAC systems should be inspected by a reputable and certified HVAC professional.
There are numerous benefits to having your Air Duct System cleaned, including:
  • Clearing blockages in your HVAC system
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing allergens
  • Extending the life of your AC system
  • Reducing household dust
  • Preventing mold spores
 7. Industrial Air Equalizer
In all industrial facility HVAC systems account for 62% of non-process energy consumption by end use. With such a large amount of energy consumption attributed to HVAC, there is much room for improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption. HVAC energy savings benefits from Air Equalization are:
Heating Season Savings:
Maximizes Heating efficiency
Reduce heating costs up to 35%
Reduced heat transfer through the walls and roof
Reduced cycle times of HVAC units
Reduced energy consumption of HVAC units
Reduced wear and tear of HVAC units
Cooling Season Savings:
Maximizes cooling efficiency
Reduce cooling costs up to 30%
Reduced cycle times of HVAC units 
Reduced wear and tear of HVAC units
Minimize hot & cold spots


Save $$$$$$

Whether you are looking to save on energy costs or just want to prepare you home for the upcoming weather, we are your source for affordable service, timely work, and friendly transactions. At MonroyHVAC-R Service, we are more than just an HVAC company. We are a family owned and operated company that's dedicated to your satisfaction. We provide quality benefits that you won't get with most heating and cooling companies: emergency service and repair, timely work done by certified technicians, and of course a helpful friendly staff. please call us at (201) 310-4956 to schedule a Free Estimate and experience MonroyHVAC-R service difference today!