Ductless Mini Split

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Like a traditional central forced air system, ductless mini splits can effectively both heat and cool your home. If you do not have room for bulky ductwork, though, ductless systems have a clear advantage. While central heating and cooling systems rely on ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout your home, ductless mini splits feature indoor units, usually wall mounted, that provide heating and cooling directly. There is no need for ductwork or air registers at all.
Ductless mini splits, like central air systems, have an outdoor unit containing the system’s compressor. Unlike central air systems, though, ductless mini splits use only a conduit to connect the indoor and outdoor components of the system. This conduit contains refrigerant tubing and a power cable, requiring only a small, 3 inch hole to be drilled in the wall for installation.
Like any home comfort system, ductless mini splits are susceptible to wear and tear and damage. The best way to ensure reliable, uninterrupted performance from your ductless system is with regular, professional maintenance. Don’t wait until your system is in heavy use to discover a problem.